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    Bula, Namaste and Welcome to Fiji’s National Financial Inclusion Taskforce website, designed especially for Fijians. We want to share with you some ideas and information to help you better understand the different types of financial services and products, how and when they should be used, and some tips on improving your personal money management skills. This is all part of the work relating to financial inclusion in Fiji, that is being coordinated and monitored by the National Financial Inclusion Taskforce. We hope you find it helpful.

    Latest Updates

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    Fiji's Financial Inclusion Report 2016
    Fiji Financial Inclusion Annual Report 2016
    04th July 2017


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    Protecting your family early with life insurance
    School-teacher Eparama Rauraumala, 29, almost decided to surrender his insurance policy when he ran into financial difficulties – holding on to the policy proved to be a wise decision. As a fres...
    21st November 2016