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    Complaint units of financial institutions

    As a consumer, it is your right to address any dissatisfaction or discrepancy with your financial service provider. All commercial banks and credit institutions, insurance companies, insurance brokers, capital market participants, foreign exchange dealers, money changes and Fiji National Provident Fund that are regulated by the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF). These financial service providers have established dedicated complaints units or officers in their respective institutions to address and respond to complaints in a timely manner.

    If you have a complaint about the products or services of your financial service provider or you are not satisfied with any action taken by your financial service provider, you should first try to resolve the complaints with the complaints unit or officer of your financial service provider. However, if you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can lodge your complaint with the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

    RBF Complaints Management Process
    The Reserve Bank of Fiji is an independent body which regulates Licensed Financial Institutions (LFIs) under the Banking and Insurance Act. The Reserve Bank is at the forefront of financial systems development and fair treatment of consumers and as such has established an in-house Compliance Unit to help settle complaints between you and your financial service provider.

    The RBF provides consumers with a platform for an objective and timely resolution of disputes, claims and complaints arising from services provided by the LFIs.

    The RBF provides you with a fast, convenient and efficient avenue to refer your complaints for resolution as an alternative to the courts. These disputes may be banking/financial, insurance and superannuation related.

    For further details on the process please download the complaints brochure here.

    How to make a Complaint against Licensed Financial Institutions

    As a consumer, it is your right and responsibility to address any dissatisfaction or discrepancy with your financial service provider. Whether it’s a case of illegal transaction such as credit card fraud or an error made by your financial service provider, it is advisable that you refer your complaint to the right authorities.

    Here’s what you should always keep in mind when making a complaint:

    Step 1:

    Find out the details of your financial service provider’s complaint unit and lodge your complaint directly to the complaints officer over the counter or via phone. Note down the time and date that you called the complaints officer.

    Step 2:

    If you do not resolve your case via phone, follow up on your call with a letter, email or fill in the complaints form to your financial service provider. Keep things clear, simple and include all essential information.

    Step 3:

    If your financial service provider issues a “deadlock letter” to you, this means your complaint cannot be resolved. This letter will explain your bank’s decision on your complaint and the reasons for its decision. If you are still dissatisfied, you may then submit your complaint to the Reserve Bank of Fiji if your complaint falls within the scope of the RBF.

    How to make a Complaint to the Reserve Bank of Fiji

    When referring your complaint to the RBF, here’s what you should always keep in mind when making a complaint

    Step 1: Submit your complaint in writing or by filling the RBF’s complaints form (Please refer to the RBF’s Complaints form. Download here)

    Step 2: State relevant information of your complaint explicitly such as the name of the LFI.

    Step 3: Mention your complaint in a sensible order and include relevant dates and reference numbers, e.g. bank account number and vehicle registration number.

    Step 4: Attach copies of the relevant documents, including copies of your correspondences with your financial institutions and keep a copy of your complaint letter for reference.

    Download Complaint Form Here