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    Fiji Financial Services Access Points:

    The map provides a snap shot of the financial access points in Fiji and will be subject to continuous update.

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    Why Financial Inclusion Mapping?

    • A comprehensive map can make the ‘invisible’ market visible and identify opportunities for financial institutions to provide financial services to underserved areas;
    • A financial inclusion map can measure the progress of accessibility of financial services by tracking the location or points of representation of these services over time in a systematic manner; and
    • A financial inclusion map can be utilised to enhance the consistency and accuracy of implementing financial inclusion policies.

    Mapping the Financial Sector in Fiji

    • The map visualizes common financial access points at provincial level.
    • The Financial Inclusion Map pulls together detailed location data from the main providers in the market to enable users to zoom in from a broad look of the country to a more granular view of the local landscape.


    • Providing information at a national level on locations of various point-of service types, combined with socioeconomic information, will allow for rich analysis that we hope will contribute to enhancing understanding of our country’s financial inclusion challenges.
    • To assist the public as well as private sector better understand the developments and dynamism of the broader financial landscape to develop appropriate policy strategies and products as well as delivery channels to targeted clientele that are underserved.

    Display maps

    1. Open map with Google Chrome for best view results.
    2. Select the layers that you require for information.
    3. Zoom in (+) to move closer to image
    4. Zoom out (-) to move away from image
    5. Select a point to get more details


    Email us your feedback on:

    Acknowledgements: This project has been made possible through the dedicated efforts of the Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBOS), SPC Geoscience Division, National Financial Inclusion Taskforce and RBF.