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  • Our financial inclusion publications aim to shed light on the importance of access to financial services for all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status. In our publications, you’ll find insightful articles, research papers, and case studies that delve into the impact of financial inclusion on individuals, communities, and economies. We highlight the latest trends, best practices, and success stories in financial inclusion, while also addressing the challenges and barriers that still exist. Our goal is to spark meaningful conversations and drive action towards creating a more inclusive financial system that benefits everyone. We believe that by sharing knowledge and promoting collaboration, we can achieve greater financial inclusion and unlock new opportunities for all.

    Supply Side Financial Services Data

    The Financial System Development Policy Statement No. 1 on Minimum Requirements for the Provision of Dis-aggregated Data sets out the Reserve Bank of Fiji’s (RBF) minimum requirements for the provision of dis-aggregated data on financial inclusion by Financial Service Providers (FSPs).

    Fiji Financial Services Demand Side Survey

    This Report summarizes the findings of the second Financial Services Demand Side Survey in Fiji. The survey, undertaken across the Central, Northern, Western and Eastern Divisions, is a needs assessment study of financial products and services, including digital and green products.

    The aim is to monitor the progress made in the Financial Inclusion Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and chart the wy forward for the next financial inclusion strategy. The research design, data collection approach, and analysis plan for reporting were finalized in consultation with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). The survey was jointly supported by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) and UNCDF.