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  • The National Financial Inclusion Taskforce (NFIT) was established in February 2010, to provide greater focus in achieving financial inclusion in Fiji.  The national committee takes the lead role in coordinating and collaborating with stakeholders across the public and private sectors, civil society, development partners and donors.  NFIT currently has four Working Groups or subcommittees that are responsible for the oversight of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and initiatives that relate to financial literacy, microfinance, statistics and inclusive insurance.

    organisation structure

    NFIT vision in reaching out to the “financially excluded[1] from the;

    The Client Perspective

    To ensure the availability of appropriate and affordable financial services to assist clients have access to finance and credit  and save money for emergencies and obligations, children’s better education, create jobs and build their businesses, put food on their tables, provides opportunities for them to own a home and secure a brighter future.

    Stakeholder Perspective

    For all Fiji citizens, regardless of economic situation or geographic location, to have access to appropriate, affordable financial services that help individuals and households increase their financial security and provide greater opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for communities in Fiji. In doing so financial service providers shall provide these financial services on a sustainable basis.

    Who are the NFIT and Working Group members?

    The National Financial Inclusion Taskforce is a representative committee of key financial inclusion stakeholders in Fiji. The current members are;


    National Financial Inclusion Taskforce (NFIT)

    Mr. Barry Whiteside (Governor RBF) (Chairman)

    Mr. Ariff Ali (Deputy Governor RBF)

    Mr. Vereimi Levula (Chief Manager – Financial System Development Group)

    Mr. Nafitalai Cakacaka (General Manager Business Risk Services, Fiji Development Bank)

    Ms. Eseta Nadakuitavuki (Manager Sustainability & Head of Rural Banking, Westpac Banking Corporation)

    Mr. Epeli Waqavonovono (Government Statistician, Fiji Bureau of Statistics)

    Mr. Lolesh Sharma (CEO, Sun Insurance)

    Mr. Kevin McCarthy (Country Manager – BSP)

    Mr. Dijendra Singh (Small Business Entrepreneur)

    Mr. Yogesh Karan (Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister)

    Mr. Meleti Bainimarama (Permament Secretary, Ministry of Rural, Maritime Development & National Disaster Management

    Mr. Naipote Katonitabua (Permanent  Secretary, Ministry of iTaukei Affairs)

    Ms.Litia Mawi (Roving Ambassador – Pacific Islands)

    Mr. Mark Flaming (Manager Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme)


    Inclusive Products & Services Working Group (IP&SWG)

    Mr. Nafitalai Cakacaka (FDB) Chairman

    Mr. Elrico Munoz (SPBD)

    Mr. Ravi Chand (NCSMED)

    Mr. Shailendra Prasad (Vodafone Fiji)

    Mr. Sitiveni Marovia (ANZ)

    Ms. Lavenia Baro (FCOSS)

    Ms. Eseta Nadakuitavuki (Westpac Fiji)

    Ms. Elizabeth Larson (PFIP)

    Mr. Maciu Lumelume (Ministry of Industry and Trade)


    Financial Literacy Working Group (FLWG)

    Ms. Eseta Nadakuitavuki (WBC Fiji) – Chairperson

    Mr. Isikeli Taoi (BSP Bank)

    Mr. Tevita Nagataleka (Fiji National Provident Fund)

    Mr. Michael Nacola– BSP Life

    Ms. Kelera Taloga (Ministry of Education)

    Mr. Osea Ragolea (Ministry of Strategic Planning)

    Mr. Praneel Pritesh (PFIP)

    Mr. Dipak Patel (BOB)

    Ms. Mithleshni Gurdayal (CCoF)

    Ms. Abigail Chang (PFIP)

    Mr. Sitiveni Marovia (ANZ)

    Mr. Neumi Tabuyaqona (Ministry of Women, Children & Poverty Alleviation)

    Mr. Kolinio Saukuru (Ministry of Youth & Sports)

    Ms. Kelera Gadolo (iTaukei Land Trust Board)

    Mr. Tevita Navila (iTaukei Land Trust Board)

    Mr. Alipate Natoba (iTaukei Affairs Board)

    Ro Aca Mataini (iTaukei Affairs Board)

    Statistics Working Group (SWG)

    Mr. Epeli Waqavonovono (FBOS) (Chairperson)

    Mr. Tim Wilson (Tebbutt Research) (Deputy Chair)

    Dr. Dibyendu Maiti (USP)

    Ms Yashneeta Arya (FNU)

    Ms. Emali Soderberg (FBOS)

    Mr. Sole Tubanaika (FBOS)

    Ms. Savaira Manoa (RBF)

    Ms. Elizabeth Larson (PFIP)

    Mr. Raj Sharma (HFC)

    Inclusive Insurance Working Group (IIWG)

    Mr Lolesh Sharma (Sun Insurance) – Chairperson

    Mr Malakai Naiyaga (BSP Life and Health)

    Mr Peter McPherson (Fiji Care)

    Mr. Moala Nata (FRCA)

    Mr. Tui Sikivou (MoF)

    Mr. Sunia Ratulevu (DISMAC)

    Mr. Jeff Liew (PFIP)

    Ms Vilimaina Dakai (RBF)

    Ms. Duri Buadromo (RBF)

    [1] According to the National Demand Side Survey completed in December 2014, 60% of Fijians have bank accounts and another 4% use other formal financial services. Under one third (27%) of respondents can be classified as financially excluded.