FIJI: Key Financial Inclusion Indicators


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I.   Access1/ – Demographic (service points per 10,000 adults2/ nationally)          
Number of Cash-In and Cash-Out access points 10.64 9.46 16.38 21.78 21.41
Number of Bank Branches 0.99 1.05 1.16 1.17 1.13
Number of ATMs 3.71 4.23 4.58 4.74 5.28
Number of EFTPOS 59.76 80.20 87.74 93.16 98.47
Number of Bank Agents 1.22 1.62 1.69 1.64 1.54
Number of MNO active Agents 8.44 6.80 7.13 5.86 5.68
II.    Usage3/
Number of regulated deposit accounts per 10,000 adults 10,801 11,830 13,007 13,702 16,178
Number of regulated credit accounts per 10,000 adults 1,442 1,601 1,724 2,022 2,186
Number of insurance policy accounts per 10,000 adults 4,620 4,963 5,352 6,278 6,632
Number of FNPF membership accounts per 10,000 adults 6,123 6,232 6,436 6,549 6,575
III.   Access – Administrative Units4/          
Percentage of urban administrative units with at least one access point n.a n.a n.a 100 100
Percentage of rural administrative units with at least one access point n.a n.a n.a 88.37 88.37
Percentage of total population living in administrative units with at least one access point n.a n.a n.a 99.45 99.45
Percentage of active mobile financial accounts/wallets n.a 1.55 2.18 2.16 2.56
IV.   Quality5/  
Average minimum balance to open a basic deposit account ($) n.a n.a 16.67 16.67 16.67
Average cost of travelling to the nearest access point6/ ($) n.a n.a 4.20 n.a n.a
Average time of travelling to the nearest access point (minutes)6/ n.a n.a 42 n.a n.a
Average Number of identification documents required to open a bank account n.a n.a 2.80 2.80 2.80
Percentage of Primary and Secondary school students receiving financial education in school annually n.a n.a 100 100 100
Percentage of consumers who contacted protection authority to report a complaint within the last 6 months and complaint solved within 2 months n.a n.a n.a 75.56 61
Percentage of banks in the country reporting to the credit bureau n.a n.a 100 100 n.a
Percentage of adults with a bad record at the credit bureau n.a n.a n.a 3.06 n.a
Existence of a central bank regulatory framework on consumer protection n.a n.a 100 100 100
Percentage of administrative units with branches of at least 3 different formal financial institutions, among administrative units with more than 10,000 inhabitants n.a n.a n.a 100 100
Percentage of users who felt mistreated by staff of financial institutions n.a n.a 0.009 0.003 0.003





1/Access refers to the ability for households and firms to use financial products and services. 

2/Adults refer to the population that are 15 years and above.

3/Usage refers to the depth or extent of financial product and services use.

4/Administrative units are measured at fourth tier level – “Urban and Rural Tikina/District.” 

5/Quality refers to the relevance of the financial products and services to the lifestyle needs of the consumer, demonstrated in attitudes and opinions towards those products that are currently available to them.

6/Data is sourced from the “National Demand Side Survey to Assess the Access and Usage of Financial Services and Products in Fiji” Report.


Sources: Fiji Bureau of Statistics, Reserve Bank of Fiji, Commercial Banks and Mobile Network Operators

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