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  • This calculator is to help you plan ahead and prepare yourself for retirement. Ideally the earlier you start planning the more time you have to save enough for a comfortable lifestyle when you are no longer working and earning money.

    This calculator was designed specifically to assist members of the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) to estimate their future pension from the FNPF.

    Use this calculator to check how much you will have available when you turn 55 years and think about whether this will be enough to meet the plans you have for retirement.

    You may need to consider increasing your savings or FNPF contributions or consider a suitable investment to generate additional income for you.

    Act now and do not leave it too late.

    “We are currently working on upgrading the FNPF calculator and as soon as it has been developed and tested, the calculator will be published online here. 
    Please do check this page at a later date.

    Thank you”