Reserve Bank of Fiji


The functions, powers, and responsibilities of the Bank are specified in the Reserve Bank of Fiji Act, 1983.

” The principal purposes of the Bank as stated in Part ll, Section 4 of the Reserve Bank Act are as follows:-

To regulate the issue of currency, and the supply, availability and international exchange of money;

To promote monetary stability;

To promote a sound financial structure;

To foster credit and exchange conditions conducive to the orderly and balanced economic development of the country;

   To regulate the insurance industry; and

To regulate the capital markets and securities industry.”



Our Vision

“Leading Fiji to Economic Success”

Our Mission

  • Enhance our role in the development of the economy

  • Provide proactive and sound advice to Government

  • Develop an internationally reputable financial system

  • Conduct monetary policy to foster economic growth

  • Disseminate timely and quality information

  • Recruit, develop and retain a professional team

Our Values

  • Professionalism in the execution of our duties

  • Respect for our colleagues

  • Integrity in our dealings

  • Dynamic in addressing our customers needs

  • Excellence in everything


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