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  • jasoda devi

    Jasoda Devi started her entrepreneurial journey as a tailor based at G.B Hari Building in Suva.  She tried selling grog at the Suva Market however did not flourish long enough as she was treading into dangerous territories with big players in the game already in the field. That did not hinder her from paying off her loan in two months and focusing on other business projects. In mid-2012 she purchased a vehicle to run a taxi business with her husband who has just retired from the Public Works Department.   As she tried out every business in her books she now wants to explore restaurant business to sell fast foods.

    Nominated as the 1st runner up for the individual entrepreneurial award, she deposited her award funds into her savings account and continues to save weekly accumulating her savings to start a restaurant business which she plans to be managed by her son. To date she has not ventured into this new plan as yet but hope to realize her dream before the end of this year.