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  • PPI for Fiji (click to view full report)

    • The PPI is a simple poverty measurement tool for organizations with a mission to serve the poor. Using PPI allows the organizations to target poor for program interventions and measure and track client poverty over time. The PPI is owned by Grameen Foundation and developed by Mark Schreiner of Microfinance Risk Management, L.L.C
    • Good Return Established in 2003, Good Return (Good Return is a registered trading name of World Education Australia Ltd) is a non-profit organisation that works across the Asia Pacific to deliver economic and social development programs for the financially and socially excluded. Sharing with others the vision of a world without poverty, Good Return partners with Financial Service Providers, Microfinance Associations and Financial Sector Regulators to research, design and implement game changing initiatives for people living in poverty.

    PPI for Fiji Update:

    The development of the PPI for Fiji was jointly led by Good Return and SPBD Fiji, with support from the Fiji Bureau of Statistics, the Microfinance Working Group of the National Financial Inclusion Taskforce, the Reserve Bank of Fiji and the Columbia Business School. The project was jointly funded by Good Return, SPBD Fiji and the Government of Australia through its Market Development Facility. Mark Schreiner of Microfinance Risk Management L.L.C. developed the tool on behalf of the Grameen Foundation.

    In July 2014, one orientation workshop and 4 days ToT was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Awais from Good Return which was attended by representatives from the public and private sectors as well as NGOs. The PPI for Fiji is the first in the Pacific. Grameen Foundation has promoted the Fiji PPI through its website ( and global newsletter. The full documentation of the Fiji PPI is available on the Grameen Foundation website. The update of the PPI is expected to be done once the 2012/13 HIES data is ready and available.