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  • Frequent calls from debt collectors are a sign you have debt problem. If this is the case, it’s time to get proactive. Talk to your creditors as soon as possible. You might be incurring additional charges while you wait. Or they might be willing to change your interest rate and save you money.

    Here are some tips for talking with creditors:

    • Be cooperative, not angry.
    • Be prepared with a list of how much you owe.
    • Have all your financial records together with you.
    • Listen. The debt collector might have ideas that will help you.
    • If you are having trouble with a particular bill collector, ask if you can speak with a different person.
    Your Rights

    Creditors do not have the right to harass you. They are not allowed to:

    • Use physical force or coercion
    • Harass or hassle you
    • Mislead or deceive you (or try to)
    • Take advantage of any vulnerability or disability
    Credit Counselling

    The Consumer Council of Fiji now provides free Debt Management and Consumer Credit Advisory Services in Suva. They will assist you with:

    • The repayment of your debt by helping you create a payment plan to get your debt under control;
    • Better understanding of your rights as a borrower and your responsibility       towards payment of the loan; and
    • Establishing a budget