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  • Date: November 13, 2015

    Financial inclusion stakeholders from around Fiji are meeting on Friday 13 November 2015, to agree on Fiji’s National Financial Inclusion Strategic Plan (2016-2020). The proposed strategy is formulated to build on the achievements from the first national strategy (2010-2014) and the results from the recent demand side survey on financial services and other reports published over the last six years.

    The opportunities for expanding financial inclusion in Fiji include:

    1. Expanding financial services and products to the underserved;

    2. Increasing the usage of financial services and products; and

    3. Improving the quality of such services and products targeted to the recently included and those currently excluded in terms of financial services.

    The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji and the Chairman of the National Financial Inclusion Taskforce, Barry Whiteside, said that it was very important to have the participation and support of stakeholders, as without them, it would be extremely difficult to take financial inclusion to a new level, by extending the boundaries and improving the livelihoods of our most vulnerable communities.

    The Financial Inclusion Strategy Workshop is being held at the Grand Pacific Hotel and is co-hosted by the Reserve Bank of Fiji and the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme.