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  • The Fiji Financial Education Curriculum Development (FinED Fiji) Project involves the integration and strengthening of Financial Education (FinEd) within the Fiji school curriculum for primary and secondary schools. FinEd is essentially learning around personal money management and investment within the classroom.

    Through the Project, FinEd has been embedded within the National Curriculum Framework as a curriculum perspective and subsequently placed within related curriculum documents. From April 2013, Financial Education is now part of every student’s twelve year learning journey from Year 1 to Year 12.

    At the primary school level, FinEd is taught in three compulsory subjects; Maths, English and Social Studies. At the secondary school level, FinEd learning is placed in the compulsory subject Commercial Studies at the junior secondary and in Maths, English, Accounting and Economics at the senior secondary level.

    Within these classroom subjects, student learning is focused around three key learning areas; Managing Money, Income & Wealth and Financial Risk & Planning. The learning areas across primary and secondary school can be found by clicking on these links. Save, Spend Wisely and Share are the 3 underlying themes behind all teacher and student materials developed. To view the classroom materials developed for Fiji by year level, click on the specific year level link provided below.

    Teacher professional development has been a core component of the FinED Fiji Project, with the Ministry of Education, training teachers around Fiji to deliver financial education in the classroom and to assess financial education, with a view towards monitoring behavioural change. This training has been undertaken by the Ministry with schools nationally from 2012-2014. In 2015, there is expected to be an extension of teacher training into the Eastern and Northern Education Divisions together with additional trainers provided at the District level.

    A component of the Project, involves the placement of FinEd within teacher training programmes at the tertiary level. This is currently being implemented by the Fiji National University and will see future teachers entering the classroom, with a complete understanding of Financial Education pedagogy and related student assessment.

    The FinED Fiji Project is jointly managed by the Ministry of Education and PFIP and is funded by the Australian Government’s Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

    For more information on FinED Fiji, please click on the following links:

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