Business License Fees

A business License fee for SMEs largely depends on two factors, firstly the nature of the business and secondly the locality of the business. A business operating in the rural areas or town boundaries is expected to pay less compared to the one that operates in an urban centre. In the table below we compare a few common MSME businesses that exist in both urban and rural and compare their license fees:

Types of Business Licences and Fees for SMEs (Suva, Rakiraki & Kadavu)

Location Bakery Canteen/Retail Hawkers (Vehicle) Tailor
Suva $460.35 $345.26 $92.07/($230.17) $184.14
Ra $44.00 $66.00 $22.00 $44.00
Kadavu $44.00 $66.00 $22.00 $44.00
[Source: Suva City Council Business License Types & Charges schedule & the new Government rates for business license effective from 01st April 2005].

The table above clearly shows the high cost of business license fee that MSMEs operating in urban centres pays as compared to those that operate in rural and peri-urban areas. The high costs can be an obstacle to potential MSME’s thinking of setting up their operation in urban and rural centres as well.